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Cinderella Shows Her True Colors

Cinderella was beautiful. She was a tall surfer girl, with a slim elegance that I was really attracted to. The coolest part was that she was extremely intelligent and was also a computer programmer.

After a couple weeks of successful dating, we made plans to hang out on a Saturday. Her sister had just arrived back in town after being gone for a month or so, and insisted on joining us on our date. Cinderella shared with me some of her insecurities about how much prettier her sister was. She was worried that I would lose interest in her because I would want to date her sister. I assured her that wasn’t going to be a problem, but she didn’t seem comforted.

Her sister joined us for dinner, and most of the conversation was monopolized by her telling stories about herself. It was really annoying, and I could tell that Cinderella was upset because all the focus was on her sister–the very thing she feared would happen.

Due to her sister’s tardiness and selfishness getting to dinner, Cinderella and I missed the second part of our date, and she decided to just go home with her sister because she was hurt and frustrated. A day later, she and I were texting and she was sharing how she was hurt by my actions. Being at work, I decided to write her an email to get it all out without a phone call. I told her how disinterested and unimpressed I was with her sister, and how perfect I thought she was. Unfortunately, she received the email driving home from yoga with her sister, so she asked her sister to read the email to her.

Needless to say, her sister didn’t like me too much after that. She decided to tell Cinderella that she was no longer allowed to see me, so we stopped hanging out because crazy women suck.

Mandy Pouts

I don’t really enjoy playing games. It’s somewhat entertaining at first, but it really just ends up being exhausting because it prevents you from being your true self. It’s all gesturing and putting on an act to try and establish power or control in a relationship, so I really try to avoid them, and never start them.

I was on a date with this girl that looked a lot like Mandy Moore. We were in my room listening to Pandora, and she really liked the song because of the lyrics, but I didn’t really care for the sound of the song. She demanded that I like the song because it had good lyrics, but I said that I just didn’t work that way. She kept going, and I could tell it was a little power struggle to show that she could be right all the time, so I said with a smile, “You like to play games, don’t you?”

She was so offended that I would accuse her of playing games that she sat on my floor ignoring me and texted in silence for about 30 minutes.

I’ve used this direct tactic with varied success in the past, so I wouldn’t recommend using it unless you are good at playing games yourself. It can also depend on the girl, but if she pouts like Mandy did, then being direct is a good way to figure out that crazy women suck.